At LMS Precision Engineering we use a variety of machines and software to improve our workflow and productivity.

Guhring Computerised Tool Management System

Guhring‘s TM Multi-Vend tool management system is a modular expandable automated system with electronically locked drawers for the storage of all types of tools. Thanks to the flexible composition of drawer heights and partitioning possibilities the TM Multi-Vend tool management system can be adapted to suit your our requirements.

Operation with Guhring‘s TM software ensures a controlled storage and dispensing of the tools. Furthermore, we benefit from all the evaluation and reporting possibilities of this intelligent software including the monitoring of minimum stock levels and automatic ordering.

Being an open system, the TM Multi-Vend tool management system is multiple supplier capable and, an ideal solution, not only for tool storage. Measuring and inspection instruments, assembly tools as well as expendable items can also be managed, stored and dispensed by this system to suit our needs.

Match-IT Production Control Software

Match-IT is a comprehensive fully-integrated production control software package that we utilise here at LMS Precision Engineering.  You configure Match-IT to know about your products and resources etc and it will produce all your works orders, purchase orders etc based on your sales demand and current stock levels.  Everything is completely traceable and satisfies ISO standards.

Key Benefits

#1 – Improve EfficiencyGet more with advanced capacity planning

Match-IT is a manufacturing management software package that incorporates a sophisticated finite capacity planning and scheduling system.

You provide a model of your facilities, constraints and production methods and the scheduler calculates the most cost-effective way to meet your delivery commitments.

#2 – Improve ServiceDeliver on time more often and provide early warning of potential delays

Customer dispatch dates, resource availability, supplier and sub-contract delivery dates – can all change daily.  Match-IT reschedules your sales demand every night to make sure that each day you are working with the most efficient schedules.

The “dispatch schedule” – a list of imminent customer dispatches, clearly shows those that are predicted to be late.  To assist in the diagnosis of why, the scheduler also produces a list of “alerts” that can provide a detailed analysis of what the hold-up might be.