The CNC milling machinery we have at LMS Precision Engineering is supplied by leading brands and configured for optimal results. These robust and powerful workhorses maximise productivity and versatility while maintaining exacting tolerances through a range of features. Including:

  • AI thermal distortion compensation to maintain high accuracy
  • Flexible tombstone fixturing with ultra-quick changeover
  • Probes for faster and more efficient tool-setting and in-cycle/ first-off inspection
  • Features for reducing environmental impact

Our machinery enables LMS Precision Engineering to offer extremely competitive CNC milling services for efficient delivery of high-quality finished components.

Our CNC milling machinery
H.Plus-405 PC6 (6 Pallets)

The Matsuura H.Plus-405 is a state of the art 4-axis Horizontal Machining Centre configured with 6 pallets and a Matsuura Hi-Tech 12,000rpm spindle.It has the largest working envelope in its class — max worksize is H750mm x Ø650, work weight per pallet 400kg. Equipped with 240 tools and factory-fitted Renishaw Probing.

MX-420 PC10 (10 Pallets)

The Matsuura MX-420 PC10 is a state of the art full 5-axis Machining Centre configured with 10 pallets and a Matsuura Hi-Tech 15,000rpm spindle. It has a working envelope of 420 mm DIA x 300 mm High, work weight per pallet 80kg. Equipped with 90 tools, factory-fitted Renishaw Probing and fully programmable 70 bar high pressure coolant.